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Reading glasses are an inevitable accessory for most people over the age of 50. Constantly having to put your glasses on and take them off in order to read or see up close can be daunting. With the assistance of a new ground-breaking minimally invasive surgical technique, the eye surgeons at Salt Lake Eye Associates can rapidly improve your near vision and eliminate your need for uncomfortable reading glasses that constantly slip off of your nose and leave impressions on your face. Dr. Rachel Benator offersNearVision CK at our Salt Lake City eye care center and can flawlessly reshape your cornea without having to make a single incision into your tissue.

What Is NearVision CK?

NearVision CK uses radio waves instead of a laser or scalpel to reshape the cornea, eliminating the need to cut corneal tissue. This alternative is perfect for patients who have never had a need for glasses until later in life, or want to vastly improve their near vision. The procedure takes less than five minutes to complete and is performed at our Salt Lake City eye center. When performing NearVision CK, Dr. Benator uses a miniature probe that is finer than a piece of human hair to release radio waves. Dr. Benator moves the probe in a circular motion on the surface of the cornea to reduce small patches of collagen. The circular reduction pattern forms a constrictive band that improves the curvature of the cornea.

Benefits of the Procedure

The sophisticated restorative procedure is one of the least invasive treatments available at our Salt Lake City eye clinic. Because NearVision CK is performed using radiofrequency energy, there is less risk of complications taking place and recovery time is faster. After undergoing the procedure, most of our patients can return to work the following day. However, we do encourage patients to avoid activities in which their eyes can be strained.

Risks and Possible Side Effects

There are virtually no side effects associated with NearVision CK, but in some cases, during the first 48 hours after having the procedure performed, patients experience mild discomfort, including the sensation of a foreign object in their eye. Your vision may be distorted for a few days following treatment, but over time, your eyesight will correct itself.

Is NearVision CK right for me?

There is a wide variety of ways individuals can treat their vision problems. Although glasses are the most common solution, and at first might appear to be the least expensive treatment option, costs can add up over time and for many, the hassle of having to wear corrective lenses is too great. Dr. Benator suggests surgery as an alternative treatment, for patients who are unwilling to deal with bulky glasses. If you have a difficult time:

  • Reading magazines, books, newspapers, and labels
  • Seeing up close
  • Remembering where you put your bi-focals or reading glasses

Then this treatment may be right for you.

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