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The team of dynamic eye surgeons and technicians at Salt Lake Eye Associates prides itself on offering quality, comprehensive, tailored ophthalmic care. Through these treatments, we can correct refractive errors and improve your ability to see clearly. The most commonly performed laser eye surgery is the revolutionary LASIK procedure, and Salt Lake City’srefined eye surgeon, Dr. Rachel Benator, has gained worldwide attention for her talent and authority on this technique.

A member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Dr. Rachel S. Benator educates her patients on the various treatment options that are available to them for correcting and reversing vision disabilities or imparities. Dr. Benator takes great fulfillment in restoring her patients’ vision, because she is able to single-handedly enhance their quality of life.

LASIK- Growing In Popularity

LASIK is a surgical procedure, intended to decrease a person’s dependency on contacts or glasses. During LASIK surgery, Dr. Benator can reshape the cornea, providing immediate relief and correcting refractive errors can be corrected. By removing a patient’s corneal tissue with a specific laser, Dr. Benator can reshape the cornea, providing immediate relief and instantaneous results.

Until a few years ago, Dr. Benator could only treat patients’ vision imparities based on their optical prescription, despite the fact that their eyes each have a unique set of naturally occurring optical imperfections. This standard treatment procedure is commonly known as conventional LASIK. Today, with the introduction of wavefront diagnostic technology, wavefront-guided excimer lasers can now surgically treat patients according to the distinctiveness of each of their eyes and not just their prescription. By using this technical advance, Dr. Benator can perform a more customized surgical procedure that yields impeccable results.

How It Works…

LASIK surgery treats the inner tissue of the cornea. Using an instrument called a microkeratome, a small cap is partially sliced and lifted from the surface of the cornea and hinged to the side, leaving the interior portion of the cornea exposed. For nearsightedness and astigmatism, the central portion of the exposed cornea is reshaped with an excimer laser; for farsightedness, the peripheral portion of the exposed cornea is reshaped with the laser. The cap is then placed back in the original position and due to the cornea’s extraordinary natural bonding qualities, remains in position without stitches or sutures. In addition to conventional LASIK surgery, we also offer bladeless IntraLase surgery.

Benefits of LASIK

At Salt Lake Eye Associates, we call this nearly pain free procedure a “quick fix” because of our eye surgeon’s ability to complete surgery on both eyes in just 15 minutes. In most cases, once the procedure has been completed, you will be able to recognize significant and positive changes in your vision that will continue to progress over the course of your recovery process. Growing in popularity, LASIK has become more affordable for patients in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Risks and Complications Associated with LASIK Surgery

Post-surgery complications can include severe dry eye syndrome and blurriness. In rare cases, patients have experienced a total loss of vision. After having LASIK surgery, a patient’s ability to see in the fog or in the darkness of the night can be compromised. The FDA does not approve this refractive procedure for people under the age of 18. However, being that LASIK is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and has a low risk percentage, most patients are able to return to work just one day after having surgery.

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Whether you struggle with extremely blurred vision or astigmatism, we encourage you to contact our eye treatment center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Benator. Through a comprehensive consultation, she can diagnose your vision problem and configure an effective plan for your optical treatment. Learn about your options and see how quick, easy, and effective our solution is.