The Revolutionary Blade-free Method IntraLase Salt Lake City

Many people choose to undergo LASIK eye surgeryfor the same reason; they want to be able to function without the hassle of visual aids like glasses or contacts. At Salt Lake Eye Associates, our team of well trained professionals utilizes the latest state-of-the-art surgical procedures to enhance and improve vision quality and diminish refractive errors. Rather than use revolutionary but untested surgical procedures that can have a laundry list of potential complications, our team uses only the safest and most efficient eye surgical treatments to help guarantee phenomenal results. Though LASIK eye surgery is a popular and effective procedure, Dr. Rachel Benator can reduce risks while providing more precise results through the use of IntraLase, a blade-free laser technology. Using the IntraLase method at our Salt Lake City eye clinic, the first step in the LASIK procedure – the creation the corneal flap – is completed by a laser rather than a microkeratome. The cut is more precise, yielding more accurate results in your vision correction.

About The Procedure

There are two key steps to LASIK eye surgery.

Step One

Dr. Rachel Benator constructs a wafer-thin flap of corneal tissue, using a specialized IntraLase laser, on the outermost layer of your eye. Creating the perfect slice of tissue is important because if the flap is too thick, thin, or misshaped, it could ultimately affect the quality of your vision.

Step Two

Dr. Benator folds the flap back, exposing the midsection of the stoma (cornea). Powerful computer-controlled lasers vaporize a portion of the stoma, the cornea is reshaped, correcting your vision, and then the flap is returned to its original position. The corneal flap will then re-bond as a natural part of the healing process. Once the surgery is complete, most patients can return to work and normal daily activities the following day.

Benefits of IntraLase

At our practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, we tend to see patients experience more favorable outcomes when their LASIK procedure is performed with the IntraLase laser. Some of the benefits of using this method over the traditional laser method are:

  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer complications
  • Fewer visual disturbances such as halos and glares
  • Safer

Why IntraLase is Safer than Traditional LASIK

IntraLase improves the safety, accuracy, and visual results of LASIK; the reason being, the advanced precision implemented by the computer-guided IntraLase laser. During traditional LASIK eye surgery at our Salt Lake City office, Dr. Benator uses a hand-held microkeratome, which consists of a sharp metal blade, to create a corneal flap. In comparison, IntraLase uses a precise beam of light to create a flap, eliminating contact with the surface of the cornea, and virtually eliminating the risk of sight-threatening complications.

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