7 Signs You Should Call Your Eye Doctor

You call your eye doctor about once every two years for a regular checkup, and that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do … if your eyes are healthy and your vision is good.

Waiting two years isn’t always the right move, however, if you’re experiencing one of the seven symptoms listed below. If you notice any of the following eye health problems, call your eye doctor to set up an appointment right away.

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1. You See Floaters or Flashes of Light

The occasional vision floater isn’t abnormal — it happens more as you age. However, if flashes of light and central vision floaters start increasing in number suddenly, don’t hesitate to call your eye doctor.

It could signify a retinal tear, hole or complete detachment, and without timely attention, you could lose your vision. You need care immediately.

2. Your Eyes Are Dry, Itchy or Sore

Eye fatigue isn’t abnormal. After all, the modern worker spends a significant amount of time staring at a computer screen every day, then even more time staring at a television once the workday is over. But if you have dry, itchy or sore eyes, why suffer?

It’s time to schedule a professional exam. You may be prescribed eyedrops to help with symptoms, along with giving you tips on how to decrease discomfort.

3. You Can’t Get Rid of Your Headache

A continuous headache is definitely a health problem, and it may be related to your vision. It’s a good idea to rule out any vision deficiencies when you’re looking for the underlying cause of a chronic headache, so it’s time for an eye exam.

4. Your Eye Is Infected

When your eye is bloodshot, your lids are puffy and swollen and you’re constantly wiping away discharge, you have an eye infection. You need treatment right away, so give your eye doctor a call.

5. You Squint Constantly

If you find yourself squinting to see, you probably need corrective eyewear. Squinting is one of the early signs of a vision deficiency. If you also have to move closer or farther away from objects in order to see clearly, you need a comprehensive eye exam.

6. Your Eyes Are Sensitive to Light

If bright lights make you cringe and desperately reach for your sunglasses, talk to an eye doctor about it. Light sensitivity is a sign of infection and disease, so you may need an exam to rule these factors out.

7. Your Vision Changes Suddenly

Under normal circumstances, vision changes happen slowly over time. If at any point you have a sudden onset of vision problems, including blurriness or focusing problems, your vision needs to be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.

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