5 Reasons Lasik Surgery Is Worth the Cost

Lasik Surgery

If you wear glasses or contacts, you may wonder if Lasik surgery is right for you, and your budget. You have no problem investing in procedures that will raise your quality of life, you just want to make sure your money is going to be well spent.

Here are five reasons spending your hard-earned savings on Lasik surgery will leave you satisfied, with no regrets.

It Pays for Itself

Think about the hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars you spend every year on prescription lenses and contacts — different frames to match your outfits, contacts for when you don’t feel like wearing glasses, sunglasses for sunny days, etc.

And as soon as you are completely outfitted, a lens will break or your prescription will change and you have to start shopping for eyewear all over again.

Over the course of your lifetime, the costs will only rise. Also, if you change jobs, you may no longer be covered under your insurance for regular eye doctor visits. But Lasik can put an end to these recurring costs for good.

When you do the math, Lasik surgery more than pays for itself — it pays you back. Better yet, you might be able to pay for Lasik surgery with your pre-tax flexible spending account.

You Can Be Spontaneous

Once you get Lasik surgery, you can jump in the pool for a swim, play a game of pickup soccer, run, bike and hike, all without worrying about losing a contact or breaking your glasses. You no longer have to remember to bring along your cases for your glasses or contacts. You’re free to finally be spontaneous.

It Can Increase Your Self-Confidence

Has anyone ever said, “Wow, I didn’t even recognize you!” when they spotted you without your glasses? Many people might feel like their glasses hide their true appearance. You might also want to coordinate your glasses with your wardrobe, or else they might mar your style.

Putting your glasses away for good can give you an extra boost of self-confidence that won’t only alter your physical appearance, but enhance your mental state as well.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

You don’t have to worry about falling asleep with your contacts still in and waking up to swollen, scratchy eyes. You don’t have to suffer from headaches because you need an updated prescription. After Lasik surgery, you will simply be more comfortable in your own skin.

Your Vision Will Be Better Than Ever

Not only does Lasik surgery save you money over the long haul, you will likely have better vision than before, too. Corrective lenses only help you so much, but those who undergo Lasik regularly report that their eyesight is clearer and stronger than when they wore glasses or contacts.

Sharper vision makes you safer and happier — you can enjoy life’s little details without assistance.

Talk to Salt Lake Eye Associates to find out if Lasik surgery is the right choice for you.

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